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Oriental Rugs are not all created equal and our collection is mostly suited for people who understand the difference between handmade persian rugs and machine rugs, and if you do not understand the difference then we are happy to help educate our customers. Handmade Persian and oriental rugs are very much artwork for your floor and home. With vivid colors and pattern and original designs, there is no better rugs for a home if you want rugs that will last the test of time.
Our handmade oriental rugs have never gone down in value and in fact harder then ever to find replacements for since the embargo on Iran. Villagers in Iran are some of the most well known weavers and artists of handmade oriental rugs in the World and homes that enjoy having finer things in them surely appreciate the quality in these rare gems. Our Oriental rug gallery is one of the largest selections of unique oriental rugs in the United States. We are very proud of the selection are persian rugs we have available for your choosing.
If you are having trouble finding a rug that would match your current oriental rugs in your house, or if you would like to find a particular color or pattern, please feel free to contact us by phone or chat and we will provide you with live support 24 hours a day.
Remember we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Our Oriental Rugs are the largest online inventory of handmade oriental rugs, including Bijar rugs and Tabriz Rugs. With locations across the country, our online inventory brings together all our rugs under one roof for you to view and decide which rugs you like best to see in your home. If you are not completely happy with the Oriental rugs when you see them in your home, we cover the cost to have UPS pick up the rugs, so that there is no hassle to you and your family.
There is no better time to start or increase your own collection of heirloom rugs and Albert's oriental rugs is the right inventory of select handmade Persian rugs to choose from.