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With an extensive selection of Kazak, Heriz, Kashan, Gabeh, Kashkuli, and Tabriz Rugs, we can help you find a rug that you will enjoy for years to come. In addition to those
rugs, we have the nation's largest selection of Bijar Rugs. With purchasing agents in Iran 365 days a year, we can obtain nearly anything to match your taste. Some of our
styles include floral, medallion with floral themes, geometric, medallion with geometric themes, medallion with open field, prayer rugs, animal rugs, and scenic rugs.

Oriental Rugs in Connecticut

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Oriental Rugs in Connecticut | Alberts Oriental rug Stores in Connecticut

Connecticut Oriental Rugs

Whenever you come into our shop for oriental rugs in Connecticut your greeter will will be by Albert who is 1 of the country’s foremost experts on oriental rugs with a expertise spanning generations of rug dealers, weavers and traders. Albert is an encyclopedia of data on persian and Oriental Rugs in specific and has of of the finest gallery of Bijar rugs as properly as Tabriz rugs as effectively as numerous others ranging from wonderful Nain to modern day Gabbeh designs. You will surely uncover Oriental rugs in Connecticut that will be certain to be perfect for your type of residence in Connecticut. When working with Albert to uncover the excellent persian or oriental rugs you will get his sincere opinion and guidance in locating a rug that will function with your present rugs and your residences decor.

Look at our Oriental Rugs in Connecticut and see what our stores can offer your floors. If you want high quality flooring then you want to look at our oriental rugs in Connecticut. We have the largest showrooms of Oriental Rugs in Connecticut that you may ever see, and you can view many of the oriental rug categories right online. We want to make sure you get the satisfaction of having on of our prized rug collections in your own house. Albert's has been selling Oriental rugs in Connecticut for nearly 50 years and he wants to share his rugs and knowlege with you.

Oriental Rugs for Sale in Connecticut

Whenever you begin to view gallery's in our Oriental rugs stores and our gallery you will discover only the most beautiful in handmade oriental rugs in Connecticut. These rugs are regarded as fine rugs due to the fact of the handmade craftsmanship the weavers positioned in creating these rugs. This includes but is not only to the sort of wool that was utilized, for example, persian wool in locations of tabriz and bijar are nicely known for their substantial amounts of metals in the mineral streams which the sheep consume. One more crucial element is the knots for each sq. inch in creating these as well as the use of Sennah Knots, and because these knots just take up significantly less area they can create far more fantastic traces and abstracts for your subsequent lovely genuine handmade oriental rugs available in Connecticut.

Many homes in Connecticut are happier homes now that so many have our quality Oriental rugs on there floors. We challenge any to find higher quality rugs then what we offer to our friends in Connecticut, as the leading store we are here to serve the community with the finest in Oriental rugs in Connecticut.

In addition to all this our Oriental rugs are dispatched directly over to your property in Connecticut. When you discover the rugs that match your demands and needs the most the subsequent step is to see how you like it on your flooring and we make that straightforward as well. Our rug shop can have a courier services carry the oriental rugs directly to your door so that they can be witnessed in their new residence. As the places largest assortment of Oriental Rugs for Connecticut, allow us be your plan to uncover large high quality handmade rugs.

Oriental Rug Stores in Connecticut | UPDATED GALLERIES OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Come visit our showroom and enjoy your time with Albert, learning bout his orient rugs from Iran and Persia, as well as learning about getting your free shipping on Oriental Rugs to your home in Connecticut.

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